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Code : cnori
Brand : W&M
Model : Crispy Coconut Chips (Nori Seaweed)
Brief Description :
Crispy Coconut Chips with an individual sachet of nori seaweed flavor.
Full Description :


W&M Nori Seaweed Crispy Coconut Chips are made from the best selected mature coconuts, dried not fried to remove water until crispy. Therefore, W&M coconut chips contain only natural ingredients and no trans fat!

Serving Suggestions:

mix in flavor and consume as a healthy snack
 add to cereal or serve with milk
 add to salad
 use as an ice cream topping

Packing / Carton: 12 Boxes x 50 g. 
Carton Dimension: 18 cm x 31 cm x 14 cm 
Net Weight / Carton: 0.60 Kg.
Gross Weight / Carton: 1.36 Kg. 

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